Raw Food and Weight Loss

Some people swear by a 100% raw food diet, but is it for everyone? In Ayurvedic medicine, all things are individualized– so the answer is that it is not good for everyone.

The general recommendation is that less processed food is better, but that each person’s ability to eat raw food varies depending on their body type. For example, a vata person with weaker digestion may not do well at all on a raw food diet. Such a person may get digestive disturbances or other imbalances from eating only raw food. In contrast, the pitta person with a stronger digestion will be able to handle and thrive on raw food.

There is a connection between raw food and weight loss. The more raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts that one can eat, the more prana one will be getting daily from food. This will minimize hunger and should lead to overall fewer calories consumed per day if the person is in touch with their body.

Prana in food is an important element that sustains us. Raw food is high in prana. So the more raw food one can eat, the more life-sustaining energy one obtains, which will lead to reduced hunger and appetite.

But be sure not to eat more raw foods then your constitutional body type can handle. Vata people should eat some raw food in an overall diet of mostly cooked foods. Kapha people could do quite well on a fully raw food diet. Pitta people can eat raw food but, just like in other areas of their life, they should practice moderation. So eat raw — but only what you can handle and digest!



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  2. Elana B February 21, 2011 at 4:15 pm - Reply

    hi dr. akil, i am currently a student of ayurveda and am interested in learning more about your integration of ayurveda in your allopathic practice. would you be willing to share your experiences with me? many thanks, elana

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