(Re)Introduction to Your Body’s Most Important Organ

While the liver is one of the least sexy organs to talk about, there is no doubt that it plays an incredibly important and underappreciated role in your health.

Your liver makes over 10,000 enzymes and over 1000 biochemicals that the body requires for healthy functioning.  It maintains healthy blood sugar, keep your hormones balanced and makes essential compounds such as cholesterol (most of the cholesterol in your body is made by the liver, not derived from your diet).

All of the chemicals that we are exposed to, from diet, water and air, or filtered and detoxified by the liver.  These include preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals, air pollutants and many other chemicals.

In my patients I have seen how chemical overload can weaken the liver and lead to a variety of symptoms such as fatigue, hormone imbalance, chemical sensitivity and other problems.

In the next post I’ll talk about how to keep your liver happy!


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